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Where can I get an instant loan?

You can get a loan so fast it almost seems instant with the new range of online lenders. This means no queuing, paperwork, or long wait periods. You can apply for an instant loan up to $15,000 in only 3 minutes.

How can I apply for an unsecured finance?

We make getting your instant loan fast and easy:

  1. Select “Apply Now”. Enter your desired loan amount.

  2. Enter your personal details, contact information, estimated income and expenditure, and check account information.

  3. We will guide you to your new money lender where you will proceed through their instant application process.

Our difference

We are committed to making the process of obtaining money easier and faster through abolishing time-consuming paperwork and cutting wait times. This is nothing short of a revolution when it comes to instant loans. You can apply anywhere at any time on any device.

How can we help you?

With instant personal loans, you can access instant cash from $1,000 to $15,000 when you need it. So you can now buy that special item you’ve been saving for without any more waiting.

Our online platform simplifies the application process. Completed in just minutes, and once you’re approved, you’ll gain access to your funds in record time, depending on the speed of your bank. Applications submitted outside business hours may experience a slight delay.

Our partners are committed to you

We also believe in making repayments for your instant loans as seamless and easy as possible. All repayments are scheduled and automated online directly through your chosen check account, meaning repaying your loan is the last thing on your mind and requires zero face to face contact with your lender.

Should you experience any issues with your direct debit transaction process, you can get in contact with your money lenders financial team as quickly as possible to avoid late payment fees.

Service you can count on

Don’t apply with the traditional banks for your loan, and completely avoid their long waiting times and extensive paperwork requirements. Choose the fast and convenient alternative you’ve been waiting for instead. With an advanced application process, your confidential information is always kept fully secure and processed faster than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are small loans suitable for home improvements?

A home improvement loan can be a great choice for those wanting to add value to their homes. At MONEYME Finance, we’re all about empowering you to make those upgrades in your life that you’ve been dreaming of without the financial headache. 

Small, short term loans are generally a great fit for home improvements that don’t require a massive budget, like painting, updating fixtures, or fixing small issues. These loans can cover costs efficiently and help you bring your home improvement ideas to life without creating financial stress.

However, if you’re planning larger projects, like full-scale renovations or structural changes, it’s worth considering a larger loan. Here at MONEYME, we can connect you with various lenders that offer loans of all sizes to match your specific needs.

Our mission is to simplify your loan-searching process, helping you quickly get the funds you need for your home. We understand the frustration that can come with traditional loan processes, which is why we’ve made ours quick, easy, and accessible.  

You don’t have to settle for questionable lenders claiming to offer ‘instant approval’. At MONEYME, we could connect you to a lender in mere minutes, saving you the paperwork and wait times. 


Will money lenders consider the purpose of a loan when deciding how much I can borrow?

We understand you may have some concerns regarding the influence of your loan’s purpose on the borrowing amount. It’s important to know that while lenders consider the purpose of your loan, they do not confine their evaluation to it alone. Rather, your credit history, income, and debt-to-income ratio are some of the crucial factors contributing to their decision.

Our lenders generally have no restrictions on the purpose of your loan. Be it funding for home improvements, education expenses, or debt consolidation, it’s your loan and your decision. 

The primary consideration for our lenders is your capacity to repay, not the specific loan purpose. By assessing your financial situation instead of offering instant approval, they aim to determine a manageable repayment plan for you, reducing the chances of default.

Navigating this process can seem complex, but rest assured, at MONEYME Finance, we simplify it for you. We serve as your ally in finding a suitable quick loan without the standard obstacles. We expedite your loan application process, helping you avoid unnecessary waiting and piles of paperwork. All we require is a quick online application from your end, and we can get you connected to a lender before you know it.


Do I have to disclose a loan’s purpose when applying for one?

The answer can vary depending on the loan type and the specific lender in question, but in some cases, yes, you may be asked to share the purpose of your loan. However, rest assured that most reasons won’t prevent you from acquiring a personal loan, but giving a clear and accurate reason for why you need the borrowed funds could be beneficial.

The purpose of the loan can influence the type of loan and loan amount you secure. Some lenders may have distinct types of borrowers they specialise in lending to or offer varied terms depending on the loan’s purpose. By understanding why you’re applying for a loan, lenders can ensure they’re matching you with the most appropriate product for your needs, assessing risk, and determining terms more accurately.

At MONEYME Finance, we strive to make this process as simple and hassle-free as possible for you. Our quick online application can guide you through the necessary steps, and we’re here to assist you in connecting with a suitable lender, whether you’re in need of a student loan or an unsecured loan.

Regardless of your credit history, we’re determined to help you find a solution that fits your needs. Remember, receiving a loan offer doesn’t obligate you to accept it, so instead of thinking of them as ‘instant approval’, always take the time to review all the terms and conditions to make an informed decision.

Types of loans

Eligibility criteria

Be 18 years of age or older

Regularly earning $1,000+ per month

Currently living in USA

Have a valid checking or savings account
with direct deposit

You cannot be a regular or reserve member of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps or Navy (or be a dependent of someone who is,) serving on active duty under a call or order that does not specify a period of 30 days or fewer

Find a loan in minutes

We’ll connect you to a lender that suits you