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Fast boat financing

If you’re looking for finance to buy your dream boat, upgrading your current boat to a newer model or repair your current one, MoneyMe will help you find the perfect boat finance option to make it happen.

If you are an employed American resident over 18 years old, we’ll help you find a boat loan.

Competitive rates

MoneyMe’s partners offer you cheap and highly competitive rates for boat finance. If you have a good credit rating you can actually apply for larger loans at an even better rate. If not, don’t worry - you can still apply with us as we can find a solution to help you. Simply provide us your personal information and we can use this to find a great loan provider for your boat finance.


With various money lenders partnering with us, we have a range of options when it comes to making repayments. Some of our partners offer automatic repayments so that you can cruise the waters without having to think about your boat loan. If you are interested in making your repayments earlier we recommend getting in contact with your lender first.

We understand for whatever reason, your repayment schedule might not have aligned with your pay cycle causing issues – don’t stress. Your lender will be able to help.

Reap the Rewards

You have a chance to be rewarded for paying your loans back on time; this will vary from lender to lender. You could have cheaper rates on future loans if you repay your loan on time and in full. This can be helpful, as your previous lender will make far more loan options available to you than just boat finance, such as cash advances, short-term loans, personal loans, and more.

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