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Education Loans

Student loans are a type of personal loan designed to help you pay for college tuition, course fees, textbooks or anything related to your valuable education. These loans are a popular option for students as the rates are tailored to their circumstances and the application process is simple. Typically packaged with more flexible terms and competitive rates for students, student loans are a good option for finance without complex eligibility criteria.

Investing into your future

Due to rising education tuition, student loans are becoming more important than ever across America. Unfortunately, the increased pressure to make loan repayments far earlier in your working career can present significant financial barriers for students considering their further education options. Once this is combined with living expenses, young Americans are finding it tough to finance their ongoing tertiary education.

However, this is where we can help. MoneyMe is an online platform aimed at finding students great loans that are specially designed to help overcome your financial challenges. You can focus on study and less on your bills. We help you find these loans by partnering with trusted online money lenders who are also committed to helping young students get through college studies.

A student loan is particularly helpful when where there is a lack of government funding. Unfortunately, this can make students reconsider their path or delaying their career goals as the financial burden is too high. However, MoneyMe’s partners can help put you back into the classroom and toward graduating.

Perks of student loans

Are you looking for student loans? MoneyMe is partnered with a range of money lenders offering quick and simple financial help.

A beneficial feature of student loans is that the eligibility criteria can be far more flexible, that way you’re able to focus on your studies without worrying about whether you will have access to that quick and easy money. They also offer you flexible repayment terms, lower fees and cheaper rates when paying course fees, which can all help you manage your finances.

Take action now

Don’t put your studies on hold.

We have online application forms that are simple and get you a quick response, so applying has never been easier. Just fill in your details and we will help you find the right loan for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where to get student loans?

There are multiple options available if you’re seeking loans to help with school expenses. You could look at solutions provided by the government or loans offered by private entities. Let’s take a closer look at your possible source of funding.

Federal student loans are provided by the U.S. Department of Education and are managed by government-appointed companies. Private student loans, on the other hand, are offered by banks, credit unions, and online lenders like our trusted lending partners at MONEYME Finance. 

These online personal loans are tailored to fund your education needs, such as tuition, other course fees, and textbooks.

But how do you find these straightforward online loans? You’ll be glad to know that we could help expedite the loan search process for students.

From a range of installment loans to varied educational loans, we could possibly assist you in finding a solution. At MONEYME Finance, we’re committed to ensuring that you don’t have to wait around too long. Instead, we want you to move forward on your path to achieving your educational aspirations.

You could use your computer or mobile device to get started even if you’re on campus or in the comfort of your own home.

What are the requirements for student loans?

The requirements can vary depending on the lender you choose when looking to apply for student loans. Federal student loan providers usually have a different set of requirements compared to private lenders.

Moreover, online lenders offering student loans typically have a straightforward approach when determining eligibility.

While each lender has its own specific criteria, there are some common minimum requirements. Typically, you’ll need to be at least eighteen years old to qualify for online loans. You may also need to have a valid checking or savings account with direct deposit. It’s also common for lenders to require a minimum regular income of around $1,000 per month.

At MONEYME Finance, we understand the frustrations that often come with the traditional loan process, especially when looking to apply for student loans. That’s why we aim to simplify things and provide you with a clear path to navigate your financial needs. 

If you think you could use a small loan or an online loan, you could start by simply filling out the short online application. From there, we could help you find a funding solution based on the details you provide.

How much can I borrow in student loans?

Curious about how much you could borrow with student loans? Both federal student loan providers and private lenders typically have different limits based on several factors. The amount you could borrow will vary from lender to lender.

With MONEYME Finance, your journey to finding a quick loan could be refreshingly convenient. If eligible, you could apply and simply input your desired loan amount. You’ll also need to enter some personal details and contact information, along with your income and estimated expenses. After that, we’ll do our best to help you find a loan provider. 

If all goes well, we could present you with a loan offer in real time. If this short-term loan offer aligns with your expectations and you decide to proceed, we’ll direct you to the lender so you could finalize your application with them. 

If you’re approved, the funds could be deposited into your bank account as soon as the next business day. 

Our mission at MONEYME Finance is to simplify the process of finding a loan. We believe that borrowers deserve a simple, quick, and hassle-free path to financing. Start your financial journey with us today!

Types of loans

Eligibility criteria

Be 18 years of age or older

Regularly earning $1,000+ per month

Currently living in USA

Have a valid checking or savings account
with direct deposit

You cannot be a regular or reserve member of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps or Navy (or be a dependent of someone who is,) serving on active duty under a call or order that does not specify a period of 30 days or fewer

Find a loan in minutes

We’ll connect you to a lender that suits you